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Sorry! I feel like I go missing from here a lot. I don’t mean to. I really don’t, but I just have a hard time keeping up with online things a lot. I don’t really use my computer as often as I used to, so I don’t tend to post that much. I don’t mean tooo.

Anyway, I’ve been doing pretty good the past week. I’ve managed not to eat over my calorie count and I’ve running every day except for the weekend. I actually have muscles in my legs now…. Can you believe it? I can’t. I put my hand on my calf and I’m just amazed. It feels completely different than it did before. Maybe that’s weird, but I don’t mind.

I weighed in today, and I haven’t lost anything. At first I was a little upset by that, but the more I thought about it, the better I felt about it. I feel like I look good. And my waist measurement and mid-section measurement have both gone down an inch. I think that my legs have been gaining muscle, which could have been why the scale didn’t go down. Or maybe I really didn’t do as well as I was hoping this week. Either way, I’m not upset about it. I’m doing good and feeling healthy, that’s what matters. 

I hadn’t posted a pic like this in a while. Just went on a run! Yeaah. Excuse the tv in front. 

I hadn’t posted a pic like this in a while. Just went on a run! Yeaah. Excuse the tv in front. 


Good Morning!

Hi, everyone!! How’s it going?? I had a good day yesterday food wise, I think.

Cinnamon Nature Valley Oat Bar - 5pp

PB&J with light wheat bread - 5pp
 1/4 cup pistachios - 5pp
Cottage cheese - 2pp

Blueberry Acai Yogurt - 3pp

Chicken Ceasar Salad - I don’t know what to assign for points, since I went to a restaurant. I don’t think it would be any more than 5 though. It wasn’t a very big salad.

I went out with my friend and her boyfriend last night. I don’t get to see her very often since she doesn’t live in the area anymore. After we had dinner, we went out for drinks and I got a really good strawberry margarita. I’m not really sure how many points that was. I have no idea how to score drinks. But it was just the mix on ice, not frozen, so maybe it wasn’t too bad?? 

As for exercise, I did good yesterday. I ran better than I ever have! I went to run laps at the gym. In our gym, 12 laps make a mile and usually I have to stop to walk a few of those… But I only had to walk 3 laps. I ran 9. I was proud of myself. 

After I ran the mile around the track, I got on the crosstrainer machine and did a mile on that.


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Hey, everyone! Things are going alright today. I’m a little overwhelmed with all I have to do and how I don’t really have much time to do it in… But I’m going to relax a little bit and head out for a run! I’m going to go to the gym to run at the track. It’s a nice day out, but my school has a program going on where you have a time card that you get signed each day you work out at least 30 minutes and when you have ten slots finished, you’re put in a raffle for some pretty good prizes. So I figured if I’m going to be working out anyway, why not???

It would be really awesome to win something! Haha. 

Anyway, I finished all my homework for tomorrow, so now time to go and run. 

I’ve been eating healthy today after a not so healthy weekend… I’m going to work hard this week! I would love to be in the 160s on friday! We’ll see.

On Thursday I’m going to go check out my school’s Judo demonstration and see if I want to join the club and learn it. I thought it would be a great workout and I wouldn’t mind knowing some self-defense techniques!! According to their site, you get an average of 1000 calories burned during your workout, since they practice from 7:15-9:30. I like the idea of burning that many calories. 


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Apples have been a power food since the Garden of Eden. They’re low in calories, rich in fiber, and a source of boron, a mineral your mind may require for mental alertness and your body uses to maintain sufficient levels of calcium.

Tart yet sweet, apricots are a storehouse of beta-carotene, a nutrient that helps protect against many types of cancer. Three raw apricots or ten dried halves will give you your daily quota of this nutrient.

Here’s one creamy food that can help lower your cholesterol – by as much as 9 to 43 percent, according to one study. Avocados are also rich in potassium and magnesium, two minerals your muscles rely on.

The banana is the world’s best natural, low-fat source of Vitamin B6, a nutrient that helps make antibodies to fight disease. Eat just one banana, and you have taken in one-third of the U.S. Recommended daily allowance of B6.

Bet you wouldn’t think of the nectarine when asked to name a fiber-rich fruit. Yet a single nectarine has even more fiber than a whole banana. Nectarines are also an excellent source of vitamin A and potassium.

Sure, orange is synonymous with vitamin C. But did you know it’s also a source of calcium? A medium size orange gives you as much calcium as an ounce of Brie, though it has 30 fever calories and none of the sodium.

Keen on peaches? Well that’s peachy keen because this source of vitamins A and C will satisfy your sweet tooth without overloading you with fat. Pick fresh peaches over canned to get the maximum fiber benefit from this fruit.

This fruit is a good source of vitamin C. A medium size grapefruit contains 50 percent more vitamin C than the Recommended Dietary Allowance. Try flavoring it with cinnamon instead of sugar.

If you’ve never eaten a prune, you’re in for a moving experience. Prunes are nature’s best-tasting laxative. They conain a great deal of fiber, making them great for lowering your blood cholesterol level as well.

Heaven can be had for just 152 calories a slice. But don’t dismiss watermelon as a mere taste-pleaser. The vitamin C content of this juicy melon may help protect you against cancer of the esophagus and stomach.

Say “fiber” and you immediately think of heavy foods such as bran, right ? Well, strawberries contain fiber too, the soluble kind that slows digestion of foods so you feel full longer. Count for them for vitamin C, too.

Honeydew Melon
Fragrant and inviting, this juicy melon packs a vitamin C wallop. You can also count on it for potassium, a mineral you need in sufficient amounts to keep your muscle from cramping. Let your sweet tooth indulge.

They are very powerful anti-oxidants. They are very rich sources of vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium and phosphorus. These nutrients and other minerals present in pomegranates help in the prevention of many diseases.

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